Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tangent. Process. Renga.

I haven't said much lately.
This is mostly due to the unfortunate preoccupation of over-commitment, but can be partially explained by another writing project I've been working on which I'm excited to share with you - eventually.

But for now, I have an idea.
It's not original, but neither am i.
It is unique however, and so am we.

It's called Renga.
It's a traditional form of process poetry which is responsible for what we now know to be the Haiku, and this is how it works:

Person A writes a Haiku
(a short poem consisting of 3 lines with syllables counting 5-7-5).

Person B writes 2 addition lines of 7 syllables each to tag on the ending of the first Haiku.

Person C writes another Haiku, drawing primarily on the last 2 lines for inspiration.

Person D writes 2 more lines of 7 syllables..and so on and so forth.

And seeing how i only affiliate with quick-witted, well-learned, articulate and creative people, i think this could go somewhere..

Or it could just be me ending a post with 17 strangely organized syllables. Either way, I come out looking more inspired and poetic than i really am, which i'm obviously OK with.


Fading yellow leaves
Form ranks in Color's last march
Against coming clouds

*idea taken blatantly and without apology from (which is a great blog you should all follow)