Monday, December 7, 2009

Cymatics (or, thank you Zach and Jacob)

The study of Cymatics seeks to show us that there is more to sound than meets the ear. Sound-waves move and pulse and swirl and cause their surroundings to do likewise. By focusing the vibrations of sound on something like water or sand, you can actually see the sound move through the material, eventually taking a shape.
You change the sound, or frequency, and you change the shape.

I watched this:

..and in the last 45 seconds, I started thinking about Creation.

So sound has the ability to shape things, and to take shape, right? So every shape we know of, the circle, the star, the snowflake, has a cymatic twin - it's auditory other.

Imagine an alternate universe that looks like ours, but everything you see is actually just balls of sound arranged into representations of the physical world that we know. We have the physical ability to create a shape through a sound. We can, in essence, sing or play a cube, a sphere, a starfish, into existence..

This sounds like Creation to me.

So when God says let there be "Light", what does his voice look like?
And when he says, "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear", is He speaking the very shape of Sea and Land? Does his voice sound like dry land appearing and waters gathering? What if the thunder of creation is an ever-changing symphony of creative sound, pulsing through the formless and void, leaving trees and and seas and snowflakes and starfish in its footsteps?

Who knew Genesis 1 could be for Scientists... All this time I've been thinking it was for Artists and Botanists.