Sunday, October 4, 2009

chapter one: tonight and this morning

As i begin this thought, it's 2:32 am, and i can't imagine a better time to think out loud (metaphorically of roommate's asleep in the bunk above me and so i can't imagine him being much in favor of me saying all this out loud to myself right now)

As i begin THIS thought, it's 2:34 am (seriously, it took me two minutes to write that?), and i know what i need to say, but i'm not sure how i'll do it
- and with that, i welcome you to the blog of an external processor.

so here's what i'm thinking about tonight and this morning:

i'm mostly sure that i don't live enough of my days starry-eyed and awe-struck at the story unfolding all around me.

i waste far too much time with my face pressed tight to newly-fogged windows which separate me from objective, rational existence [which is more like a museum exhibit than a firework show.. and watching exploding fireballs is always a thousand times more fun than looking at wax figurines of our pre-human ancestors..except for dinosaur museums, which are always awesome..but that's for another entry]

And so i spend far too few moments
with the kaleidoscopic looking glass
which paints my perception
like imaginative
and thankful memory
being made.

Me: Tonight was an experiment in the imaginative,
and you know what?
You: What?
Me: That is precisely why i am writing these things at 2:48am (it's been 14 minutes...i'll save you the addition) and not some boring time of night like 8:31 or 10:14.

- tonight i sang songs and ate tamales and watched stars peek around clouds and praised God in silence and watched a fire burn with new friends while we made up funny roller derby athlete names (i.e. princess slaya', condoleeza slice, slamela anderson, mary tyler gore, & loco ono)


-tonight is a night worth remembering -

so here's to nights and mornings spent open and expectant.
I hope you have so, so many of them.

*[ sweet smoke art - ]


  1. i've read this five times. it's good. real good.

  2. Dude. I love you, but I LOVE Condoleeza Slice.

  3. needle and thread baby.

    thank you, and keep going.

  4. You forgot capitalization throughout your post, comma splice in your second sentence, and there was no hook in your topic sentence.

    tylertylermadsen, i keed i keed!
    it was great! and i love reading what you write! can't wait to read more. really! :)

    i told you i'd think about the roller derby names. i did, but now that i read yours i feel insecure about what i came up with. but here it goes:
    Queen Elizabitch
    Mother Thresher
    Marilyn Monstrous
    Baby RuthLESS
    ..lame, i know.

  5. My son, the blogger. I laughed out loud at Condoleeza Slice. Thanks for sharing. And when you do the dinosaur museum post, I have some sweet pics.

  6. Your thought reminded me of this quote...

    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. - Thoreau