Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*a sidenote about the necessity of storytelling

I'm not sure which day it is that you are reading these words and worlds - maybe it's October 21st. perhaps it's November 2nd. it could very well be June 14th..

I AM sure, however, that today is a very good day for making up a story.

Tonight, i watched a meteor shower, and in the too-dim-too-fleeting light of falling rock, i returned a question with an answer that never was until i spoke it.

mostly i don't know what i'm thinking about until i start telling a story about a make-believe place full of make-believe moments, and then and there, i slowly find out what's inside as i turn the pages in my mind and listen to my own self-revealing twists and turns..and then later i find myself remembering that story, and remembering some thing which never was..and then i know just what it was i was thinking about when i made it all up..and in that way, storytelling is like the string on my finger reminding me about what i'm hiding away in the crawl space behind my eyes..

and besides, listening to the words and worlds running between my brain and my heart is much more fun when to the sounds of imaginary pages being turned..or so says I, at least..

that's all.

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